Personnel Policy


The employees of the Company are the driving force. The Company’s personnel policy is strongly directed to achieving the comprehensive prosperity and self-improvement of its team. The personnel salary system is a transparent one, and career opportunities are clear. A great deal of attention is paid to safety and health protection, qualification courses, and cultural activities.

Our goal is that any employee, no matter what his/her position is, can aspire to the highest possible qualifications, and be able to contribute those skills and initiatives to the Company’s development and improvement of the quality of its services.

Currently, the Company employs young technicians under 30 (20%) and we hope this figure will increase.

Education of employees and young specialists

The Company is eager to prepare a new generation of young professional energy sector specialists. It provides on-going training, qualification courses, and opportunities and conditions for every employee to improve his skills and gain new competences.

We understand that the knowledge and experience gained could be helpful for young people who have chosen engineering or technical studies, so the Company cooperates with higher education institutions, colleges, and training centres.

Potential employees of the Company are graduates of engineering and technical study programmes. We cooperate with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics and the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering of Kaunas University of Technology, as well as the Faculty of Electronics of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Moreover, we also keep in mind our young specialists studying energy sciences abroad. Lastly, students of the Public Entity ‘Elektrėnų profesinio mokymo centras’ are invited to short term apprenticeships in the Company.


Lietuvos Energijos Gamyba supports its staff members through their career development. Our employees pay a great deal of attention to qualification improvement courses and training. The personnel education methods used ensure an excellent state of preparedness for work with modern technologies. Our Personnel organizational culture is predominantly directed to sharing knowledge. Personal self-improvement initiatives are also most welcome, so special programmes support employees, who are studying while working in line with the Company’s interests.

Employees – a part of a harmonic community

As all employees are a part of our community, it is very important to create opportunities for them to feel well not only at work, but also during their free time. To this end, the Company celebrates significant events, supports community events and encourages its employees to take part in them.

We seek to make sure that work is not just work, and that colleagues are not just co-workers, but that they also share similar interests and points of view.

For these reasons the Company supports employee initiatives to form clubs and establish professional unions.

There is a special induction programme for each new employee. This programme ensures that all new employees get to know their colleagues, the organizational culture and the Company itself––its values and work principles. We believe that this helps to prevent misunderstanding or disputes.

Ensuring employee-friendly work conditions

One of the main priorities of the company is to ensure the safety and health of all its employees. The Company continuously controls the environmental situation and work conditions, presents recommendations, and resolves actual issues related to health protection and security. In order to ensure the health and safety of its employees the Company applies a set of measures, for example: introducing safe labour instructions, equipping safe labour sites, checking its employees’ health, etc.