Principles of Social Responsibility


Following its vision, mission, values and strategic goals, Lietuvos Energija group devotes special attention to the social responsibility and seeks to ensure that operations of the Group are based on principles of responsible activities enshrined in the Global Compact, initiated by the United Nation.

The model of socially responsible business of the Lietuvos Energija group is implemented through targeted and consistent activities in these areas:

Social responsibility in environmental protection

  • In its activities the Group encourages and applies advanced measures, technologies and processes compliant with environmental standards and contributing to reduction of environmental impact of its activities.
  • In line with sustainable development and pollution prevention principles the Group implements cost reduction activities, focuses on waste sorting and encourages efficient management and use of resources.
  • The Group encourages and is actively engaged in environmental initiatives ensuring environmental protection.

Social responsibility in employee relationships

  • Employees are the central and most critical success factor of the Group's operations, thus the Group aims to apply progressive performance management and remuneration systems, enable the development and improvement of personal, professional and general competencies, respect human rights and tend to their protection at work, and ensure equal employee treatment in line with non-discrimination by age, sex, origin and beliefs stipulated in the Constitution and labour laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • The Group has a special focus on employee health care, occupational disease prevention and physical activity encouragement.
  • The Group recognizes the employee right to unionise, the freedom of association and the right to bargain with the employer.

Social responsibility in society relationships

  • The Group supports and encourages business and society engagement based on shared sustainable development interests, and aims to ensure long-term business and society progress, contributes to social development and wellbeing, and reports to society on its activities.
  • The Group makes effort to educate the society on energy subjects (electrical safety, energy efficiency improvement, etc.), through its own voluntary voluntarily initiatives and by engaging in society initiatives, and encourages civicness, responsibility, sustainability and awareness, and actively cooperates with local communities.
  • The Group encourages professional activities of the youth, knowledge sharing, and activelaay cooperates with secondary and higher education establishments, academia, enables student apprenticeships.
  • The Group encourages and supports employee and society volunteering aiming for social benefits.

Socially responsible market activities

  • The Group promotes ethical, transparent and integrity interaction with customers, suppliers, investors, and cooperates with partners supportive of principles of socially responsible business.
  • The Group aims to ensure that its full information is clear, easy to understand, timely and not misleading.
  • The Group has no tolerance to any form of corruption and aims to prevent it both inside and outside the Group by familiarising employees with principles of business integrity and ethical standards, by encouraging business integrity policy and transparency in Government contacts, and by cooperating with organizations which promote ethical and socially responsible approach to business in Lithuania.