International and national organizations

Lietuvos Energijos Gamyba is an active participant in international and national organizations. It significantly contributes to the formation of the Company’s position in terms of maintaining close connections with partners in the electricity market.

Lithuania‘s National Electricity Association

Lithuania’s National Electricity Association was established in June 2011 (its founders are Lithuania’s national electricity sector enterprises Lietuvos Energija, LESTO, LITGRID and Technologijų ir inovacijų centras). One of its most important functions is to ensure due representation of Lithuania’s national electricity sector within the electricity energy association EURELECTRIC.

EURELECTRIC (Union of the Electricity Industry)

EURELECTRIC unites electricity production, supply and distribution organizations in the EU and European territory. EURELECTRIC represents common industrial interests at the European level, and also cooperates with other continents. The Mission: contribution to the development and competitive ability of the electricity industry, and also to increase the role of electricity in social progress. Members of EURELECTRIC represent their state through national energy sector associations. Currently the association unites 33 actual members from 27 countries of the EU. The association was established in December 1999, following the merger of two associations (UNIPEDE and EURELECTRIC).