Our logo is a direct reflection of a modern and innovative company, which main acyivity is energy production. The symbol of Lietuvos Energijos Gamyba – a triangular, dynamic propeller-like sign with direct links to the manufacturing process.

Brand integrity and completeness represent endless energy resources, security and stability. The dynamics of the sign show the relentless motion of Lietuvos Energijos Gamyba – the quest for new directions, opportunities, and the installation of innovative and modern technologies.

In the symbolic propeller, there are three types of energy overlapping and rotating, recognizable through their colours:blue symbolizes water and is the main energy source and represents hydropower, green symbolizes renewable energy sources, green energy, and orange symbolizes fire and gas or combustion. The intermingling of the bright contrasting colours conveys the conversion of one form of energy into another and their synergy.

The symbol connecting the colours, gives them a shape. It controls and makes them spin.




Logo for download:

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